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Luoxiang Trailer-2017 International Commercial Vehicle Show Opening Ceremony

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On Nov 4th, 2017, the two-year China International Commercial Auto Show held in Wuhan as scheduled.


The exhibitors trailer enterprises are CIMC trailers, CNA trailer, Liangshan Huayu trailer and Shandong Luoxiang trailer and other well-known domestic trailer companies. 

● The catching new type---Luoxiang central axle car transporter


Luoxiang central axle car transporter is the most concerned trailer in Wuhan International Automobile Exhibition, raised great attention of visitors and exhibitors.

The central axle car transporter is the original independent Luoxiang R&D product,  with a length of 11 meters, adopting the German SAF (SAF) axle, which load is 10T, fully meet the needs of the central axle car transporter. The whole trailer is made of high-strength steel and welded by robots to avoid the phenomenon of missing welding. The electrophoretic painting process has the ideal anti-corrosion effect and prolongs the service life of the trailer. This trailer can transport 10 cars at the same time, improving the transporting efficiency. The lead screw stop is safe and reliable, with strong maneuverability. There is a biggest bright spot of Luoxiang central axle car transporter: adopting the current high-end airbag suspension configuration, better flexibility, lower center of gravity, more stability, more conducive to the cargo plane with the demand for cargo lifting.  

● Luoxiang skeleton chassis


On this show, Luxoiang also exhibited a 45FT skeletal trailer with self-weight of 4.53 tons and a vehicle-body frame with a shaped hole design which not only releases the internal stress of the frame but also reduces the weight. In addition, the toolbox, side rails and fenders are made of aluminum alloy, which is in good shape and light weight. The whole vehicle adopts electrophoresis technology, high-end spray paint technology, designed to improve the climate of the coast of the skeleton vehicle weather resistance to extend the life and reduce the cost. In addition, this frame is also equipped with HUAJIN German-style air suspension, Goodyear single tire, can effectively adapt to different transport needs. 

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