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Luoxiang Participated the 122th Canton Fair with the Fine Skeleton Semi-trailer

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On October 15, the 122nd China Import and Export Fair ("Canton Fair") was held at Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. The National high-tech enterprise Shandong Luoxiang Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. participated the Canton Fair with skeleton semi-trailer, displaying the strength as a Chinese semi-trailer industry leading brand.


As the benchmark of China's foreign trade, the Canton Fair is the largest international trade event in China. Every session of the Canton Fair attracts more than 20,000 outstanding Chinese enterprises and more than 800,000 businessmen from 210 countries and regions across the world to visit and trade. The Canton Fair is not only the benchmark for export trade, but also a world-class stage where Chinese enterprises can release trendy products to show their overall strength.

On this autumn Canton Fair, Luoxiang displayed the skeleton semi-trailer section, the new section structure has attracted a large number of foreign customers. Three-dimensional cross-section model clearly showed Luoxiang’s fine and exquisite process design.

Luoxiang adopts car producing process to create semi-trailers: we own the intelligent robotic welding production line, with even weld line, good shape and high strength. We have the first semi-trailer electrophoretic coating lines, which could make the coating plump, uniform, smooth, and no dead ends. The trailers’ hardness, adhesion, corrosion resistance, impact performance and the permeability are all beyond comparison by other coating process.

In 2016, Luoxiang semi-trailer sales over 13,000 units and the fence semitrailer are the first in China. Luoxiang not only based on the domestic market, but also stand in the global layout, to make the world-class product.


Luoxiang is full of enthusiasm, high-spirited attitude to welcome friends all over the world, to make the national products going to the world!

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