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Luoxiang 2017 annual distributors conference perfect ending, created ten thousand sets per day’s miracle in trailer industry!

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On 22nd, January, Luoxiang company held the 2017 annual distributor conference in Mengyin, Linyi City. Hundreds of distributors all over the country gathered in the red revolutionary holy land of Yimeng, Mengyin county, Shandong Province.

Win Customers by quality

At eight o’clock in the morning, the bus carrying the distributors drove slowly into the second phase project of Luoxiang--the Luoxiang industrial park occupied 100 mu, more than 70000 square meters of production workshops.

After visiting the second phase project, the bus drove into Luoxiang factory area, while the firecrackers are firing. The weather was very cold, but the dealers were full of enthusiasm, President Luo showed the distributors around Luoxiang intelligent production workshop, robot welding production line, electrophoresis coating line, beam welding production line, fence robot production line, three-dimensional garage. A series of intelligence production equipment which attract a large number of distributors representatives to surround and watch.

"Stick to the artisan spirit, continue the brilliant chapter," the annual conference theme highlights Luoxiang for the pursuit of product quality, it is this excellence, and constantly meet the needs of users, sticking to the spirit of artisans, make Luoxiang trailer rapidly developed in the product design, production, quality control, after-sales service. Good user reputation and rising sales volumes year by year, is the best proof of this artisan spirit. Its 2017 sales volume has reached to 15,000 sets, with the growth rate of 15.38%, the sales of fence semi-trailer won the first place in China.

Touch the user with service

The distributors come to Luoxiang new customer service center, where has free restaurants, billiards hall, coffee house, VIP lounge and luxury 7D cinema are all available. Customers can enjoy the one-stop trailer pickup service.

Luoxiang serves users diligently, improves users’ experience, relying on word of mouth and the quality and service concept which moved the users, make Luoxiang a real industry famous brand.

New type trailers display together

Besides the main products--side wall semi-trailer and fence semi-trailer, Luoxiang also launched skeleton container semi-trailer, the car carrier trailer, flatbed dumper semi-trailer and curtain side semi-trailer. In the future, Luoxiang will continue to enrich the products to meet the needs of customers in different transportation areas.

The annual conference, a feast for ideas exchange

At the annual conference, the leaders of the government, president Luo, the excellent distributors, the industry experts and the customer service center manager delivered speeches.

We can’t have the eight years’ development of Luoxiang without the support and care of the Government, the close cooperation of the distributors, the guidance of industry experts. It also depends on the foresight of president Luo and our eight years’ hardworking. We work together to achieve win-win results, do great things and do good things. We stick to the strategy of going-out, seize the opportunity of One Belt, One Road(OBOR), actively explore the international market and create a new international Luoxiang. We will continue to apply science and technology innovation, making Luoxiang a new age brand!

Climax of the annual conference--the order broke 10 thousand sets at one night!

When night falls, the final climax of the conference coming. In order to show our appreciation for the efforts of Luoxiang family, we have carefully prepared the sincere award ceremony, all kinds of wonderful programs and benefits.


There are numerous of prize at the party, air cleaner, mountain bikes, silk covers are sold at a one yuan to pay back the distributors.

The third prize is oppo r11 mobile phone, the second prize is iPhoneX mobile phone and the first prize is Luoxiang semi-trailer with top facilities were taken out at the present.


The highlight of the conference is that Luoxiang launched the semi-trailer ordering activity, by the end of the conference, the order reached to 10,014 sets!


The order of 10,014 sets, is not only the trust from the distributors, but also the confidence to the sale of Luoxiang. Luoxiang is a company, with the intentions of the products and attentive service to create the industry legend.

The DaiGu trip

On 23rd, the distributors opened a wonderful trip in DaiGu with the accompany of Luoxiang staff. You can get a panoramic view of the magnificent and magic landform of DaiGu. Daigu, geological museum, is a record of the red revolution which makes people cherish the wonderful life today.

Stick to the spirit of artisan spirit, continue the brilliant chapter

The annual conference was chosen in Shandong revolutionary base area centered on Yimeng mountain--the most beautiful Gu native place, Luoxiang company will create more miracles in the sacred red land, in 2018, we will continue to stick to the artisan spirit, remember the past sweat, live up to the trust of the customers, together with the distributors to continue the brilliant chapter!


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